The Inter-Society Color Council advances the knowledge of color as it relates to art, science, industry and design.
Each of these fields enriches the others, furthering the general objective of color education.

Upcoming events

    • 12 Jun 2023
    • 15 Jun 2023
    • Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY, USA

    Join us in Rochester, NY on June 12-15, 2023!

    Dormitory check-in on Sunday June 11, the conference

    begins on Monday June 12.

    Conference website: Color Impact 2023

    We are offering a wide range of Afternoon Sessions
    which you must sign up for when you register. 

    Dormitory fees are $332 for  Sunday-Thursday, adding $55 if you

    want to stay until Saturday.

    Information on Afternoon Sessions can be found HERE.

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    • 15 Jun 2023
    • 1:15 PM - 2:45 PM
    • virtual

    The Colour Literacy Forum is an international, collaborative effort to align university-level colour education with current design needs in the culture. The goal of the Forum is to connect faculty, students, and administrators with interdisciplinary professionals to provide cutting-edge research, curricula, tools, and resources.

    The Colour Literacy Forum is a virtual gathering featuring presentations and discussions related to updating and expanding colour education in art and design programs at the university level. The forum convenes for three events per year to share information and offer dynamic networking opportunities for participants.

    Register using the button at left. For complete details visit Colour Literacy Project.

    Visual Literacy: Color & the Perceiver:

    Join us for Colour Literacy Forum #5, Visual Literacy –– Color & the Perceiver, which will take place at Color Impact 2023. This forum is the third in a 4-part series about color perception. (The first focused on color and light, the second on color and materials).

    Color is a perceptual experience, and each perceiver has a unique point of view. In this forum, our speakers will investigate the relationship between color vision and visual literacy, which can be described as our ability to navigate through the world using information provided by our visual system, our memories, and other sensory input.

    Be part of the forum in person (or via Zoom) to learn how color perception works, and why designers from all industries need to be aware of variations in color vision among the population –– to realize the real-world applications that can enhance our well-being and ensure access to resources for everyone.

Past events

16 May 2023 Colorful Connections: The Afternoon Edition
21 Apr 2023 Fluorescent Fridays: Spotlight on RIT Munsell Color Science Lab
18 Apr 2023 Colorful Connections: The Morning Edition
12 Apr 2023 ISCC Webinar with Nuria Estape
31 Mar 2023 Colour Literacy Forum #4 -- Colour & Materials: Past, Present & Future
21 Mar 2023 Colorful Connections: Discussion on Color Impact 2023
09 Mar 2023 ISCC Webinar with Roland Fleming
24 Feb 2023 Fluorescent Fridays: Feb 24, 2023
09 Dec 2022 Colour Literacy Forum #3
28 Oct 2022 Fluorescent Fridays
24 Oct 2022 ISCC Annual Meeting and Godlove Lecture by Mark D. Fairchild
30 Sep 2022 Colour Literacy Forum #2
24 May 2022 Webinar - Timo Kunkel
29 Apr 2022 Fluorescent Fridays: April 29, 3PM EST
26 Apr 2022 Webinar - Mike Royer
22 Apr 2022 State of the Art of Color Teaching in Design Education
01 Mar 2022 Webinar - Nick Harkness and Paula Alessi
25 Feb 2022 Fluorescent Fridays: Color Quality Control: An Interdisciplinary Experience
02 Nov 2021 Webinar - Stephen Westland
29 Oct 2021 Fluorescent Fridays - Color in Context for Architects & Designers
20 Sep 2021 Annual Meeting, including Keynote by Bevil Conway
26 Jun 2021 2nd Annual ISCC Symposium on Color Education
25 Jun 2021 Fluorescent Fridays #4
12 Jun 2021 Color Impact 2021 - For the Built Environment
12 May 2021 Webinar - Kine Angelo
23 Apr 2021 Fluorescent Fridays #3
23 Mar 2021 Webinar - Andy Towns
26 Feb 2021 Fluorescent Fridays #2
20 Feb 2021 "Where's the COLOR?" Visual Identity Project (VIP) Student Competition Pre-Registration
28 Jan 2021 Webinar - John Barbur
13 Nov 2020 Fluorescent Fridays #1
06 Jun 2020 Color Impact 2020 Virtual Symposium: A New Vision for Color Education
05 May 2020 Sally Augustin presents "The Science of Designing with Color: Making the Right Choices"
14 Apr 2020 Shelli Sedlak presents "Light & Color with LED"
17 Mar 2020 Ellen Divers presents "The 'Blind Spot' in Architectural Color"
25 Feb 2020 Ruthanne M. Hanlon presents "Color and Culture"
28 Jan 2020 Ken Butts presents "ULTRA-PORTABLE COLOR MEASUREMENT – A Spectro in Your Pocket?"
19 Nov 2019 Webinar - Roland Connelly presents "Comparison of LED Lighting Adopted by Retailers to Typical LED Spectra Adopted by the CIE"
22 Oct 2019 Tony Stanton presents: Color Management in the Graphic Arts
21 Oct 2019 IS&T's 27th Color and Imaging Conference
24 Sep 2019 Ann Laidlaw & Jodi Baker present "Introduction to CIELAB"
20 Aug 2019 AATCC Color Management Workshop
09 Jul 2019 Webinar - Fritz Horstman presents "Interacting with Color: the Art and Teaching of Josef Albers"
21 Mar 2019 Webinar - Michael Webster
19 Mar 2019 ISCC Long-term Planning Meeting
17 Mar 2019 TAGA Annual Technical Conference Joint with ISCC
16 Mar 2019 Workshop: Josef Albers's Color Experiments
19 Feb 2019 Webinar - Kristen Dettoni presents "Print on Demand - Exploring the Market Opportunities"
09 Jan 2019 January Webinar: Jean Hoskin
16 Oct 2018 Webinar: Andrew Stockman
15 Aug 2018 AATCC Color Management Workshop
10 Jun 2018 Munsell Centennial Color Symposium
30 May 2018 Webinar: Lori Sawaya, Psychological Color Temperature and Color Harmony
25 Apr 2018 Paul Centore Webinar: A Practical Introduction to the Munsell Colour System for Artists
21 Mar 2018 Webinar: Dr. David Briggs: The New Anatomy of Colour
21 Feb 2018 Webinar: Albert Munsell - the father of color science?
17 Jan 2018 Webinar: Color Science and the Visual Arts
15 Dec 2017 ANTEC® Orlando: The Plastics Technology Conference
18 Oct 2017 LED - A Balancing Act - Don't Be Left in the Dark
16 Oct 2017 AIC 2017 JEJU, Korea
27 Sep 2017 Webinar: Color in Digital Cinema
11 Sep 2017 CIC 25 Twenty- fifth Color and Imaging Conference
31 Jul 2017 CORM/ISCC 2017 Joint Technical Conference
21 Mar 2017 ISCC Winter Webinar: Mark D Fairchild
21 Mar 2017 International Colour Day


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